• Over 60 years of combined experience
  • GIS/Mapping SDKs
  • Nuclear Safety Analysis
  • Analytical Model Development
  • Computer Software Development

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Latest News

  • North Andover, Mass.
    TRIUS, Inc. announced forming a close relationship with Undertow Software Corp., a Massachusetts Corporation.

    Undertow Software Corp. purchased assets of Undertow Software, Inc. of Illinois, which includes mapping technology originally developed by TRIUS, so a close relationship makes good business sense.

    The ultimate winners, of this transaction, will be Undertow's clients who will now have direct access to the developers of the technology.

Client Testimonials

I have used the applications that TRIUS Inc. have produced for over a decade now and everything produced is always top notch and well thought out. The applications stand the test of time and just always work. From spreadsheets to mapping they can do it all! - John Williams, Empower Geographics