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Keep using Draft Choice

Posted: Mon Oct 13, 2014 5:22 am
by Undersub56
Hello all, I just got stuck in the x64 world. Now no Draft Choice. This is unacceptable, I am in the middle of a 15 year remodel and can not do without DCW. I see all the work arounds that might/maybe/possible work. Forget it all.

One Xp computer can be had for next to nothing. All works. Throw in a KVM switch and you have your very own SECURE CAD work station!

We Draft Choice Devotee's only have another maybe 20 years. Why change?

Keep Drafting!

And God Bless Trius Inc.

How many little guys got started on ASeasyAS AND DC. Tried True software at an unbelievable price and Policy. If it breaks return it.